Collections of photos.

The state of the Oaks before any work was done. These photos were taken in late September 2012

A collection from the October 14, 2012 work party.  Thanks to Carol MacIlroy for some of the photos.

March 17, 2013 Work Party Photos

April 21, 2013 Work Party Photos

May 19, 2013 Work Party Photos -- Including the landing of the Willapa Spirit Intertribal Canoe and the Raven Duwamish Canoe. Photos by Tom Wolken.  

July 21, 2013 Photos showing some of the work done from the June and July work parties.

Aug 18, 2013 Work Party Photos

September Work Parties We had 3 work parties in September. Our regular work party on September 15th, when we were joined by Washington Conservation Corps team members. The United Way Day of Caring on September 20th, when we were joined by a team from Blucora. And Seattle Pacific University’s City Quest  on September 28. Photos from all three work parties are consolidated here.

Jan and Feb 2014 Work Party Photos -- Mulching the north forest and live staking in January. In February we cut blackberries down in preparation for spring weeding.

April 2014 work party.

May 10th Willapa Spirit Landing.  Including the landing of the Willapa Spirit Intertribal Family Canoe.  You can also view photos taken by Tom Wolken which include last year’s landing of the Raven and Willapa Spirit.  HERE.

21 September 2014 Work Party Photos. Focusing on the placement of landscape fabric and chips over the mowed blackberry/ivy.

27 September 2014 Work Party with Seattle Pacific University students, CityQuest.

19 October 2014 The main planting work party of the year. We put in over 690 plants. Perfect weather, which was followed by days of rain to settle the plants in. We even had Eagles overhead (though no one snapped a photo of them).

8 November 2015 Big planting work party. 2nd of the year. over 330 plants in the ground. In addition to our regular crew we had some great help from someone’s birthday party!!

7 May 2016 Oliver InterTribal Family Canoe lands on a beautiful Saturday Afternoon

October 2016 work party. We were joined by some energetic college students.

April and May 2017.