Friends of Martha Washington Park

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Friends of Martha Washington Park is recognized as the official citizen support organization for Martha Washington Park. It is currently chaired by Tom Wolken.

FoMWP has a long history of working with Seattle Parks beginning with the closing of the school and continuing thru the transition to a jewel of a park. Members of FoMWP have spent countless hours working with the Parks Department and volunteering in the park to create the beautiful park that we all love.

The historic apple orchard is now being maintained by City Fruit.

 A Bench for Tommy

And now we will leave you here 

      among the wild plum and apple trees, 

among the elms and oaks 

      where Duwamish children played.

This is where they swam and roamed,

     where they slept in long homes hewn from firs

forever standing by the lake they loved,

     beneath the mountain they loved, Tahoma.

This is where troubled girls learned their chores,

     stopping with  pails in hand to stare at

sunlight glistening on an autumn lake--

     the mountain, like a calm and loving mother

            standing sentinel above.

And this is where you came in summer

     to lie beside the rocky shore.

What music did you hear in the lapping waves,

      the whirl of insects,

     your heartbeats’ valiant song?

You are here now with the children 

      who left their laughter in the Garry Oaks,

and their tears on the grassy knoll

      where they buried what they cherished most.

We will visit you in  winter, when the trees

    stand bleak and stalwart against the sky,

    and in spring, the orchards lush and green

       with hope, with life . . . 

And in August, the air heavy with summer,

      we will sit here watching swallows swoop 

             and glide over the parched grass, 

                     swallows who wake in the morning singing.

Hilary Horder

The poem at the left was written in memory of Tommy Smith, singer, optimist and frequent visitor to Martha Washington Park. A bench was recently placed in the SE corner of the park in his memory. This poem is not only a tribute to Tommy but speaks eloquently of the long, complex and rich history of the park and the peoples whose spirits still walk across it. 

Following meetings in September 2012, neighbors and forest stewards have begun work to restore a portion of the historic Garry Oak Woodland at Martha Washington Park that was maintained by First Peoples. There is a work party on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 10-2.

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