Garry Oak Rescue


Restoring Our Historic Garry Oaks

Note: This page was written in 2013. Much of this work is now complete.

In Oct 2012 we began removing ivy and blackberries from the 9 Garry Oak (Quercus garryanna also called Western White Oak) at Martha Washington Park. As of May 2013, all 9 oaks are free of ivy and circles at least 10 feet in diameter have been cleared around the base of each tree.

We have also mulched a small area to the

south of the Garry Oak Slope in

preparation for planting a demonstration

Oak Meadow Garden in the Fall of 2013.

This garden will not only add to the beauty

of Martha Washington Park but will help

us determine which plants will do well

under conditions at MWP. See this page for an update on the garden.



Links and Files:

Information on Garry Oak Communities and their Restoration

Photos of our work parties

A quick estimate of the age of our oaks.

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